Enable Sinhala fonts rendering in Nexus 7 Android 5.0 Lollipop

I think you already know that Nexus 7 (2012) Android 5.0 factory image is out. Anyone can download it from here and isntall it.

If you have successfully flashed it to your Nexus and if you are not seeing "Sinhala" characters properly you can enable it from the following method.

If you haven't already root the new ROM
Goto CF-Auto-Root beta download site

Download correct boot image. You will find a zip file there.

Turn off your device. Goto boot loader by holding volume down + power
Connect the USB cable.

Unzip it. Run
For Linux : root-linux.sh
For Mac : root-mac.sh
For Windows root-windows.bat

Your device will restart several times and install SuerpSU (Root utility) after final successful boot.

Now your device is rooted.

Download Sinhala fonts from Google noto fonts
You'll get a zip file which has two .ttf Sinhala fonts.
(NotoSansSInhala-Regular.ttf and NotoSansSInhala-Bold.ttf)

In order to add Sinhala font files you'll need a file browser which has root access capability.

I used ES file explorer. Find it on Google Play
In ES file explorer you have to open left drawer and enable Root Explorer feature to access system files.

Copy two .ttf files which you downloaded earlier and copy them to the device

Now reboot the devices and you'll see proper Sinhala character rendering.


  1. Unfortunately this does not add the font to the alternative font list. For an example if you try to create a chat group in Viber with a sinhala name it will not be displayed correctly (create using a different device that supports sinhala).

    Any idea how to fix this? I'm on Lolipop CM12.

    Thanks for the article anyhow :)

  2. Works great on HTC One Sense 6 Lollipop ROMs.

  3. mcn mage galaxy s5 eke 4.4.2 kitkat thibune 2015.03.01 5.0 lollipop walata update una dan sinhala penne, aniwaren root karannama oneda root karoth mage warranty nethi wenawa. wena wisadumak nedda

    1. Fix ekak hamba una da ? I'm having the same issue.

    2. Root and do unroot when you going to claim warrenty

  4. It works on Android 5.0.2


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  6. Thanks for the info. I did the very same on my rooted HTC one with Lollipop (Stock Rome), it works as soon as i copied the files but when i reboot the phone (simply switch of and on) changes disappear from /system/fonts folder. By changes i meant the copied files.
    Please let me know if you have any suggestion. I'm just a newbie on the android stuff.

  7. works well on xperia Z3 , android 5.0.2 ... tks..

  8. This worked like magic! Thanks man. \\//_

  9. nikanma system/fonts walata dammata wada karanne na. ee daapu font dekema permission change karanna 677 widiyata. oyala use karana file browser eken eeka karanna puluwan athi. im using Root Explorer

  10. I have upgraded my Samsung S5 to lollipop recently. Now I am unable to see any Sinhala fonts. Anyone knows how to fix this problem?

    Thanks !

    1. Did you fix your issue. I am facing the same in my S5 :(

  11. works like a charm on CynogenMod 12.1 nightlies for zenfone 2 :) cheers

  12. Thanks you so much. You save the day :)
    My M8 is on Google Play Edtion 5.1, now works well.

  13. working nice and perfect on Revolution HdD 92.0 custom rom,lollipop 5.0.1...Millions of thanks

  14. thanx man!! hts one m8 with 5.0.1, working perfectly

  15. thanx man!! hts one m8 with 5.0.1, working perfectly

  16. Thanks a lot for this.

    Worked well with OnePlus 2, OxugenOS 2.2.0

  17. Thanks a lot!works well for micromax p480 canvas tab with lollipop5.0! Can view sinhala post in face book!

  18. Thanks a lot!works well for micromax p480 canvas tab with lollipop5.0! Can view sinhala post in face book!